Sunday, 9 November 2008

A picture from the US election night "betting floor"

On US election night I meant to put this picture from the "betting floor" at SportsTraders near Kings Cross in London of some of those who got together for our overnight session together. Alas the shot only includes those who arrived first and I forgot to put it up because of the excitement of the elecxtion itself.

From left to right we have Peter from Putney, David Kendrick, ??, Morus (head only), Paul Maggs, Martin Coxall, Harry McAdam (right at the back and the person who fixed the event) Patrick Rock and half of Peter the Punter.

For me the "stars" of the evening were Nick Palmer MP (not pictured) and Paul Maggs who were both finding and getting data way ahead of the US networks. It was Nick who focused on the voting numbers from "bellweather" county in Indiana very early on that gave us a clear steer as to what was happening.

This was a great way to spend an historic night - thanks again to Harry and Morus who put the thing together.

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Icarus said...

just when we were trying to start a rumour about a General election announcement Monday - the site goes down - coincidence or wot?