Tuesday, 28 July 2009


By Irfan Ahmed

I am a new member of the Political Betting community and with that in mind it’s an honour to have been welcomed by Mike to contribute at Political Betting’s Channel 2.

I am someone who doesn’t bet due to Islam teaching against gambling, with that in mind I don’t bet but don’t mind the friendly bet in return for donations made to charities. I don’t want to earn from gambling or lose via it but, a donation type proposition is right up my street.

I am a blogger and have been blogging since May 2008, if you want to read my political rants, opinion and thoughts head over to my blog. I am writing this blog post as an introduction to myself, and I hope that it has given you the information needed to judge me and what I shall write about in the future on PB Channel 2.

As I bring this post to a conclusion some food for thought, do you know any Muslims; do they take illegal drugs, drink alcohol, gamble or take part in anything that is not allowed in Islam?


MichaelK said...

Thanks for the introduction Irfan.

Regarding your food-for-thought question, I know several Muslims who drink alcohol. Also several that don't.

I guess people interpret their religion in different ways.

J said...

I think what you mean is:

I am someone who doesn’t bet due to my interpretation of Islam teaching against gambling

Like any religion, followers will follow only those parts of the "teaching" that they choose to.

My best friend is a Muslim; she drinks and gambles (at least to the extent of buying lottery tickets). AFAIK, her only "religious observances" (for want of a better phrase) are fasting during Ramadan and that she doesn't eat pork.

Would you have her wear a burqa?

Alastair said...

Irfan, I have quite a few Muslim friends (they make for an unusual cross sample since most of them are gay men - I'm a gay man myself). They observe Islam in different ways.

One very good friend would not dream of gambling, is horrified at the thought of drinking, observes Ramadan very strictly - but is a practising gay man. Another friend is a drinker and would cheerfully gamble.

I come from a Christian non-conformist background, and the church that my parents go to still strongly disapproves of gambling. It would not, for example, even permit a tombola to take place on church premises. My parents would still be disapproving of my political betting, so I don't tell them.

Disapproval of gambling is not, therefore, uniquely Islamic, nor is it something that all Muslims observe. But like others, I fully respect your beliefs and look forward to more of your thoughts on politics.

Irfan Ahmed said...

I look at the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed when following Islam so gambling, drinking, etc... is off limits!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm close to a couple of muslims. One smokes drugs but doesn't drink. The other does both. And both gamble. Neither are strict about halal, apart from shunning pork. And neither is a proponent of women dressing up like black pillar boxes.