Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Return of the King

It now seems that a certain Mr. Michael Schumacher is to replace Felipe Massa on a temporary basis, following Massa’s freak encounter with a Brawn spring at Hungary.

Schumacher, the greatest racing driver of all time, has been out of the sport for the last two years but has apparently been keeping himself pretty fit, undoubtedly as part of his job as the Stig. The Ferrari has shown a marked improvement of late, with Raikonnen achieving the second spot at Hungary.

So, could Schumacher win a Grand Prix? Yes, but it’s not guaranteed. He’s been out of an F1 car for two years and thanks to the brilliantly moronic no-testing rule the first time he’ll get to play with the new Ferrari will be during free practice in about three weeks time at Valenica. However, he has tested as recently as April 2008 for the team, and he has more experience, wins, pole positions and titles than anyone else in the field.

This would also be the first time that newcomers Vettel and Hamilton get to joust with the old master, and if he’s anything like he used to be then rule-stretching shenanigans may not be far away.

I’d be surprised if he didn’t achieve a podium (on the assumption Massa is out for 3 races or more), and if he has a crack at all 7 of the remaining Grand Prix I think he has a great chance of at least 1 victory.

This also has implications for whether Raikonnen or Massa, as it is supposed, will leave the team to make way for supertalented crybaby Fernando Alonso. Schumacher is not only the best driver ever, he’s also a consultant for the team, and has previously raced with Massa, apparently giving him tips over the phone last year. If Raikonnen impresses Schumacher it would certainly help his chances of retaining his seat. But if he gets beaten by the old man after two years enjoying life in his massive castle on Lake Geneva who only stepped in because Massa got a spring in the face at 200mph it wouldn’t look good.

Morris Dancer


Scott P said...

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Morris Dancer said...

Leaving aside that I don't have a skybet account, I wouldn't make that bet. Odds aren't long enough (particularly as we don't know how long Massa is out for).

John L said...

Does Ayrton Senna know that Schumacher is the best ever?

Squiffy said...

I'm glad I didn't bet that Alonso would be in the second car now. I was also beginning to think that maybe Kubica had a chance now that BMW will be out, but I guess his height counts against him.

I could see that Schumacher has more to lose than gain, but I know that he will be fit and still be every inch racer that he always was. I would think that he is likely to be Ferrari's only winner this year. It will be tantalising to see a Schumacher vs Hamilton scrap on track.

As for Schumacher being the greatest ever, the jury will always be out. He never had a comparable talent to face in the team garage, but he won so many and galvanised the team around him. We missed a titanic battle in 1994 when Senna died, it would have been brilliant to see the two 'greatest' battle it out.

DanielL said...

Schumacher is unfortunate that his first race is at Valencia a track he will know much less about than many for the others. If he does start winning i hope people don't start saying Schumacher save Ferrari's season because the car has been coming good for a while culminating in Kimi's podium last week