Monday, 31 August 2009

Lembit Opik on the Pirate Party UK

If you don't read Lembit Opik's column, that he writes for the Daily Sport why not start reading it now? James Graham has set up a site called Prawn Free Lembit, the site is Lembit's column but without the porn on the sidebar and all around the site.

An extract from his recent column can be found below:
PIRATES could soon be in power in the UK! But they’re not the swashbuckling Johnny Depp-type –– or even our uzi-wielding chums from the Somali coast. I’m talking about the Pirate Party –– the Swedish outfit who campaign for free file-sharing online. They’re fed up of big fees being charged for music downloads, copyright being slapped on YouTube videos and internet usage being tracked. They won a couple of seats in Brussels and are now planning on standing in the UK general election next year. These buccaneers shouldn’t be underestimated. They’ve got a big supporter base of mostly young people. I can see problems with making everything free as composers and writers would lose out. But the pirates have a point. Until we take a more reasonable approach to tracking internet usage and copyright questions there may well be a case to say: “Yo-ho, me hearties!”
Lembit uses his happy chappy side in the column and I think that's what makes it interesting, I personally read the column (when ever it’s updated on Prawn Free Lembit) and would recommend that others did too.

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