Wednesday, 22 April 2009

So what will be the political impact of the budget?

The main site appears to be down so let's continue our discussion here.

From a betting standpoint it's been pretty good. I made money on my SportingIndex sell bets on the number of times "billion" and "education" were mentioned but lost on the sips of water total. Net profit there £240.

My 5/1 William Hill bet on him not having any water came in at 5/1. Overall profit £125.

My 3/1 Ladbrokes bet on "credit crunch" was a winner but "sorry" was a loser. Net profit about £95.

So total winnings on the 2009 budget £460.


Morris Dancer said...

Bad Budget both in style and substance. Cameron had a good response.

Anonymous said...

So total winnings on the 2009 budget £460.Excellent Mike, well done, this should go a long way towards paying for a server that can actually cope with your traffic!

Seriously though, might it not be a good idea to switch PB to this Google facility, should all the recent occasions on which the site has gone down prove to be the responsibility of Wordpress?

Peter from Putney

jsfl said...

Helloooo, Is there anyone out there? The main site is down is it not?

James Burdett said...

Is the main site down?