Tuesday, 14 April 2009

South Africa Election Game

If you would like to enter the South Africa election game, please drop me a line at: electiongame@yahoo.co.uk and I will send you a copy (released in Excel 97-03, macros & links can be safely enabled).

Simply predict the number of seats won by the big four parties and complete the tie-breaker - form guide and opinion poll available.

Entries close 5am BST Wednesday 22nd April.

The Election Game has a 24-country portfolio and features extensive coverage of British, American, European and international politics, as well as year-long games for Leaders and Finance, all wrapped up in a Formula 1-style championship.

The next two scheduled games after South Africa will be for India and the Euros.

Many thanks

Double Carpet


Morris Dancer said...

Hey, for some reason I can't post on the latest thread on the proper site... anyone know why?

Morris Dancer said...

In case anyone happens on this it appears I have been freed to post again:D