Friday, 17 April 2009

South Africa Poll Update

ANC 65%, DA 11, COPE 9, IFP 3

Details from Mail & Guardian, poll conducted by Ipsos Markinor:

"Despite a vibrant and well-resourced election campaign, the ANC could lose its two-thirds majority in Parliament, preventing it from unilaterally altering the Constitution. The survey gives the party a clear majority, with 64,7% nationally.

It predicted that the DA will drop to 10,8%, from 12,4%, while Cope will poll 8,9% and the IFP 2,7%.

Smaller parties such as the UDM and ID will also decline to 0,7% and 1,1% respectively.

Markinor polled 3 531 voters countrywide between February 24 and March 10 this year."

Full article here.

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Dan said...

Thanks for the update - I've posted a couple of times on the main site about the SA elections but with no interest.

I've been talking to some contacts in the IFP and the Zuma factor (and their general lack of oomph) suggests a comfortable ANC victory in KZN. But they were also pretty sure the Western Cape would go DA/Cope.

Tese headline figures hide the strong provincial differences, but a big ANC win is almost guaranteed. I'd expect them to get a two thirds majority is they are this close and seemingly on the up (or at least not on the slide) with a few days to go.