Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Andrew Brown for Burnley

Andrew Brown, the owner of Crow Wood Leisure Club has entered the race for MP of Burnley according to a leaflet that I have seen by the candidate, his website and overall the media coverage Andrew Brown is getting for this announcement. Personally I think Andrew being a candidate in this race will make things interesting, if not very different.

D'Souza who is meant to be the favourite from the Labour camp has promised to give half of his salary to charity every year, Mr Brown the Independent has claimed that he will give his first year salary to charity and on both cases I think it's just stupid commitments.

Everyone knows both Brown and D'Souza are wealthy men, but will that help their cause? I don't think it will, if I lived in Burnley and was a dissatisfied voter I wouldn't vote the pair of them. Promising to give money to charity shouldn't be a way to gather trust, trust can be gathered by showing that you are local, know the issues of the people and are different to the other candidates.

Who ever Burnley elects, who ever any other constituency elects at the next general election will have to make sure they claim well within the limits and don't over spend the publics’ money? Its one thing scamming the tax payer its another when the scammed money goes into the pocket of family members who are on the pay roll, hopefully the proposed reforms will stop this happening.

So who will win Burnley in my view? I still believe Burnley will be won along with Pendle by the Lib Dems, I think Brown will give a fight that could push Labour into third with the Tories getting a poor fourth place.


Anonymous said...

Irfan Ahmed is a pro Liberal puppet based in Pendle. If you read his predictions, they have all been wrong to date e.g County Council elections in Pendle. The Liberals have never won in Pendle and there candidate is going to be a very poor third. this is to be a battle between labour and the Conservatives.

Irfan Ahmed said...

Mr Tory,

I am not a puppet to anyone, this thread is to discuss the Burnley seat and not the Pendle fight.

I believe the Lib Dems will win both seats in Burnley and Pendle and only time will tell what the actual result is.

P.S. If Andrew Stephenson gets beat, even by Gordon Prentice I will throw a party!

Anonymous said...

mr tory

your all the same basterds and stuck up shits that why they call you tory scum.

even if the lib dems win or not i hope it is labour that win in pendle because we would not want to be called gay pendle now becuase word out the tory scum ppc is gay.

what you got to say about that then mr tory.

Anonymous said...

How about your prediction for the County Council elections puppet Irfan. You were wiped in Pendle and only won in Burnley because of the infighting of Labour.
Be honest for the first time in your short political career, the Fib Dems are finished in Pendle and on your way out in Burnley

bunnco said...


It would be more helpful if your articles were more evidence-based rather than personal opinions.

The main site is aimed at providing a platform for personal opinions & gossip whereas Channel 2 is there to enable regular PB.com posters to upload articles of record.

Try to be more evidence-based in future and then we might avoid the sort of puerile name-calling exhibited by Anonymous at 10:07.