Sunday, 27 September 2009

Singapore Review

As happened last year, Singapore proved a highly eventful Grand Prix (happily without a suspiciously convenient crashing incident).

Tips wise, both Red Bulls failed to score a podium. Webber never looked likely, but Vettel was somewhat unfortunate to cock up with a speeding incident in the pit lane.

Rosberg was also a bit unlucky to make such a silly error exiting the pits, but overall the result was positive if you backed all horses equally with no laying (I do support laying in F1 as freak accidents can occur quite easily).

Glock and Alonso made it onto the podium, and if you predicted that you’re not only wise but wealthy too (if you backed them).

Vettel’s 4th was handy from my perspective, but disappointing from his. If it weren’t for that speeding error he would have taken a much bigger bite out of Button’s lead and perhaps keep his marginal title hopes alive.

Button retains his position as the luckiest man alive. He couldn’t be any more fortunate if he opened his front door on Monday morning to find the Swedish Nymphomaniac Association’s tour bus had broken down outside his house.

He extended his lead by a solitary point over Barrichello, making it 15 with 3 races left. The drivers’ title is by no means over but Barrichello’s job got even harder.

Constructors’ is very good indeed for Brawn. More than 40 points ahead of Red Bull with 3 races left. Unlikely Red Bull can come back from that.

Japan is next week, and a good result in Suzuka will cement the titles for Button and Brawn.

Morris Dancer

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