Sunday, 18 October 2009

Interlagos Review

From a betting front, one was right, the other just out (Vettel came 4th), with no laying, you should be ahead nicely. Webber was never really troubled, and easily deserved the win. Vettel and Button both drove phenomenally well, but for Vettel it was too much to ask after his dire qualifying to keep his slender title hopes alive.

Now we have back-to-back British world champion drivers and constructors’ champions. Once Abu Dhabi is done I’ll write a special review of the entire season.

Did Button deserve it? I’ve knocked him frequently for being damned lucky. And he was. But the drive he put in today was outstandingly good. Based on what he did today, carving his way through the field like a hot knife through butter, I do believe he deserves the victory.

Brawn definitely deserve their title, Ross Brawn used the double diffuser to get a stranglehold on the early races and built unstoppable momentum, maintaining competitiveness in the second half of the season to win by a very good margin.

Regarding the race: it showed us some valuable things. Firstly, the Red Bull was excellent in the dry, as showed by the first practice session which is why I backed Webber rather than Barrichello. Secondly, Kobayashi[sp] put in a great debut performance, and could be one for the future. Thirdly, circuits where overtaking on the track is possible are almost always better than those where it isn’t.

We should also point out Kubica’s great second and Hamilton’s third, after starting 8th and 18th respectively. Chaotic, breathless and damned exciting. I feel sympathy for Vettel who could have come 1st or 2nd quite easily had his qualifying not been such a disappointment.

In the future, Vettel and Hamilton will be two long term contenders. I’d be staggered if Vettel didn’t win a driver’s title in the next few years (assuming he has a competitive time), and Hamilton could easily rack up more.

Abu Dhabi is the final race, no championship up for grabs so everyone will just be going for the win. Let’s hope it measures up to the likes of Spa, Monza and Interlagos.

Morris Dancer


David said...

Really excellent drives by so may of the drivers.

It will be interesting to see where Button and Barrichello end up.

Morris Dancer said...

Definitely. Many rumours that one will go to make way for Rosberg. Plus Raikonnen could rejoin McLaren.

Apparently Massa knocked Alonso in some interview/article or other, so maybe the supertalented crybaby will be jettisoned from another top team.

David said...

Massa said he didn't believe Alonso wasn't aware of the Piquet fix.

I think Alonso will have to do some work to convince people that he can thrive in a team that isn't 100% behind him and him alone, If he flounces out again, I can't see many teams wanted the bother.

"Britain is the best" - Niki Lauda

Morris Dancer said...

Clever chap, that Mr. Lauda :)

It'll be interesting to see how Massa and Alonso get along and the Ferrari team dynamic. Of course under Schumacher the team was essentially his servant, but Massa and Alonso should be approximately matched, Massa seems a nice guy and Alonso is a bit of a cock.

Also got the prospect of a serious title fight between Alonso and Hamilton, which would be good.

Richard Gadsden said...

Having a badly out-of-order grid is fantastic - and doing it on a circuit where drivers can overtake is even better.

Morris Dancer said...

Aye, qualifying has been excellent this year. I hope they don't alter it at all for 2010.

David said...

At least this season has put to rest Bernie's medal scheme. Button would have won several races ago. Although it didn't quite go to the wire, it still much better this way!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the F1 info and postings MD. An interesting little fact from Joe Sawards blog- "My first thought for the day: Is it not remarkable that an English driver, in a Mercedes-engined car bearing the number 22, beat a Brazilian to the World Championship by finishing in fifth place in Interlagos – for the second year running?"
What would the odds on that have been??

Morris Dancer said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Always nice to know people enjoy reading my stuff (pretty relieved to get back to winning ways after the losing tips at Suzuka).

It is a freakish coincidence. I suspect the British may start to become unpopular at Interlagos if we keep on doing it :P

Britannia rules the road!