Sunday, 4 October 2009

Suzuka Review

Alas, neither tip paid off, I’m sorry to say. I was hopeful when the safety car appeared that Raikonnen, just behind 3rd placed Hamilton, could use his KERS to leapfrog him (as McLaren’s KERS was not working) but it wasn’t to be.

Vettel simply thrashed field. He’s a great driver, but I doubted his car more than his ability, and was surprised Hamilton didn’t get closer.

So the winning comes to a hopefully temporary end, but you can’t win them all.

Vettel just about keeps his title hopes alive and is now shorter than Barrichello for the title (wrongly, I think). Red Bull could theoretically win the Constructors’ by getting two 1-2s and Brawn failing to finish a Grand Prix from now on, but it’s bloody unlikely.

Button remains firm favourite to fluke his way to a Drivers’ title I’m not sure he deserves. On the bright side, under mad Bernie’s crazy medal system he would’ve won it a few races ago. I hope that doesn’t get adopted.

Next race is in Brazil. Home advantage for Barrichello? Probably not. I can’t remember the link but I do recall seeing that he has a dire record at the Brazilian GP.

Then we have the season-finale at Abu Dhabi. Be fun to see how good a race that is.

Morris Dancer


David said...

Bit harsh on Button. Had his performances early on been spread out, he probably would have looked much better.

Morris Dancer said...

Perhaps harsh. He won all the time when his car was perfect. When it was not so good Barrichello's proved more adept at handling it, and Button has only had one good performance (at the Brawn 1-2 at Monza, I think it was) in the last half dozen races.