Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lib Dem score after the general election?

Following polls that are putting the Lib Dems back in their place I ask, will the Lib Dems get their ass kicked at the next general election or can the party save themselves in most seats? I personally think the Lib Dem campaign team is quiet good, with people like Dave Smithson (who I know personally) in the campaign team I think the party has good campaign leadership but the problem is does the team work?

In my view the Lib Dems have a good campaign team, good campaigners in constituencies, good candidates but what is the problem the party is facing? The Tories are on the rise, Labour are going into a wall and will crash but the Tories will in their rise take Lib Dem seats with them in my view.

Let's look at Burnley, it is a marginal seat like Pendle and anyone can win it but who will? The Lib Dems seem to have a strong campaign that's due to the fact that the leader of the Council is the Lib Dem candidate so he is always working hard for the people of Burnley. Kitty is not the candidate in Burnley but many people are suggesting Labour party policy maker and high profile Muslim activist Azhar Ali might run in the seat. The Tories do have a candidate but his chances of winning are as slim as Nick Clegg becoming Prime Minister.

Who will win is a question that many are asking. In my view Burnley will become a Lib Dem seat after the next general election with factors like the leader of the Council being the candidate, a massive anti closure of the A&E campaign alongside other micro campaigns to compliment the parliamentary campaign on a whole.

Now let's look at the overall outcome on a whole nationally, I believe Parliament will be hung. But after I have seen the new PoliticsHome poll I think a 70 seat majority could be something to not rule out, especially at this stage.

Conclusions will be made prior to the election but the conclusion on how the people have voted and who they have elected will only be known after the polls close and results are announced.


Anonymous said...

Irfan, how is anyone meant to have a debate here when you don't even say or argue anything?

You really need to learn how to write properly (not just in terms of punctuation, grammar etc but also in terms of constructing arguments and having decent follow-on between paragraphs) before you start spewing all over the internet.

I know you're young, but I'm only a year or two older. Please, please, please reconstruct this post so that there's actually something to discuss. Right now it essentially says "the tories are doing well, Labour aren't, I think the Lib Dems will win Burnley without giving any profound evidence, and I think there might be a Hung Parliament, but there might also be a Tory majority of 70, we won't know for sure until polling day". Insane.

Anonymous said...

LD = lol

They are doomed - DOOMED to defeat!

Irfan Ahmed said...

@1st Anonymous,

Apologies for the badly written post, I agree it was bad even to my standard. Anyhow I have now made changed that might give the post some path...