Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Raising funds for Political Betting

Following the first exclusive poll for Political Betting I would like to congratulate Mike Smithson on the achievement. This poll has shown how much political blogging in the UK has advanced, from once being the omen of political talk to now playing a massive role in debate.

Mike is running a fine job over at the main site and even here at Channel 2, but I want to do more for the site. As someone who uses the site on a regular basis, can I suggest an idea to fellow PBers in hope they will give me feedback.

How about a mile run for Political Betting? Is anyone interested in running a mile for Political Betting, it would be a fund raising run and all money raised via donations would go to Political Betting.

Just to note although I am not a runner, I have never ran a mile in my life but if no one else volunteers then I would just do the run.

What do fellow PBers think of this idea?


Philip said...

As bizarre a contribution as always.

A: If someone wants to donate, they already can. Why not click the "Donate" button Mike often puts up.

B: Why nominate other people to run, why not yourself? Why not pick something you'll actually do rather than suggest others do the dirty work?

C: PB is not a charity like Breast Cancer etc that people typically run for. Non-PBers are extremely unlikely to donate to a runner for it.

Scott said...

Since fund were raised, I have a question about the advertising on PB - I'm now getting full page video ads for every click I make - To view comments, to load the page, to refresh. Is this a permanent fixture? I love PB, I just wanted to make sure PB was getting a decent windfall from it because it's really quite in your face advertising, so much so that I'm trying to make less clicks to save myself having to watch 10 second videos with sound each time.

Irfan Ahmed said...


Stop being an ass the issue is that I want to raise funds for Political Betting, but it seems no one is interested so it’s a dead idea.

Scott said...

It was a nice idea in theory, sadly Phillip's point #3 is probably right - "Political Betting" doesn't sound like a great cause even though its regular appreciate it so greatly.

Mike Smithson said...

Thanks for the thoughts and the kind comments.

Whenever we've put up the "donate" button PBers have been very generous - and indeed our move to a more stable server was made possible by the £3,000 that was raised in June 2009.

My intention is to put up the donate button about once every six months.

Internet advertising revenue is not that great but I do get some affiliate commission from the bookmakers we link to.